Green garden Peas


Growing peas is easy peasy! They are one of my first go to seeds of the new year and signify the start to the growing season.   And a great way to start growing in the garden. They are one of the earliest seeds to be sown in the year (offering huge excitement, hope and optimism) and they are reliable and tolerant of our weather (in Ireland). 


What you will need to get started

  • Compost
  • gutter pipe/root trainers 
  • Seed labels
  • Peas
  • Watering can / sprayer

Did you know?

Peas were one of the earliest domesticated crops.  The drying and storing of peas  is a centuries old activity and provided food security to the earliest settled tribes. 


Why are peas growing in popularity?

Did you know that every year more than 12 million tonnes of peas are grown, shipped and sold across the world. They are the 4th most important legume crop in the world. The messaging on peas is clear…they are a  great source of plant based protein and as such their popularity is growing.  As a cool weather crop, they are grown mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and believe it or not they are picked before reaching maturity (ensuring the familiar green pea – mature peas are yellowish in colour).  

 An open pea pod amongst unshelled pods




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