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‘improving physical, emotional and mental health through horticulture’

Horticultural Therapy Activities and Programmes


Activities are designed to focus on your needs, supporting positive strategies for engagement and the relief of symptoms.

Sowing seeds into the ground by hand


Activities are designed to support learning, imparting knowledge and developing skills in a calm and stress free environment

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Activities are designed to offer diversion, pleasure and relaxation, offering a mental and emotional recharging of batteries


Alison Digney is owner and lead therapist with Horticultural Therapy Ireland. She is an experienced and qualified practitioner who was the first person in Europe to be awarded the MSc in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture from Coventry University in 2016.


Alison is passionate about people, plants and nature.  She has worked for more than twenty five years within  community, residential and hospital settings – working to support people experiencing a range of challenges in life.


She always had an interest in gardening and came to horticultural therapy through her work with people experiencing stress, mental distress and marginalisation.  Recognising the therapeutic value of nature and horticultural related activities for people, she pursued a professional qualification in horticultural therapy.


Alison has previously been awarded with a BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSSc Criminology and Criminal Justice together with awards in horticulture, counselling and floristry.  She engages in ongoing personal and professional development to maintain professional growth. 

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‘Alison worked with us to design a horticultural therapy program based on the service needs as well as the individuals own personal goals. Alison has been flexible, adaptive and very skilled in working with service users with a range of needs. Through the sessions Alison has uncovered strengths people didn’t even know they had and has allowed people develop their potential.  I would highly recommend horticultural therapy and Alison to any service  interested in the therapeutic potential of horticulture and nature. It has created positive therapeutic changes for our service users and also been a wonderful learning  experience for our staff. ‘

‘It was an incredible experience to be able to work alongside Alison.  I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a horticultural therapy group for older adults in the mental health services.  The group was client-centred and focused on empowerment, agency and identity, supporting indivdiuals in their recovery.  Alison’s creativity and resourcefulness made for simple but fun and engaging workshops, involving those with varying abilities.  Alison’s approach with the clients was open, intuitive and relaxed which engaged the clients consistently, each week returning to participate.  As an Occupational Therapist working in mental health, it is important to lead client-centred groups, empowering them as their own agents of change, which Alison has at the core of her work.  I recommend Alison to any service who wants to incorporate empowerment and client-centeredness into their practice.’

Maurice Dillon 

Occupational Therapy Manager

Louth Meath Mental Health Services


Megan O’Malley

Occupational Therapist